This is complicated stuff. It’s also important. When you make decisions about insurance you are making decisions that involve your money, health, and the people and things you care about. An insurance broker can help you weigh your risks and look at all of your options and figure out what’s best for you. We can explain confusing insurance terms to you so that you actually understand what you’re spending your money on.

As independent insurance brokers we are able to show you a wide variety of options. We’re not bound to one company. We don’t have managers pushing us to sell particular products. Our clients are our number one priority.

Have you ever called a health insurance company? Was it helpful? If you work with a broker you can call them for any questions or problems that may arise. We have better contacts within the insurance companies that can sometimes solve issues faster than the call center reps.

The rate you pay for insurance has commissions built into the price. You will pay that rate whether you use a broker or not. So when you don’t use a broker you are missing out on extra help that you are already paying for. These commissions and my consulting fee allow me to help you all year long should you have any questions or problems big or small. I am always happy to help.