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We are Independent Insurance Brokers working with all the major insurance companies in Virginia. For the past 8 years we have helped thousands of people navigate their insurance options. We specialize in all types of insurance and are happy to share our knowledge.

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Who is Mary Viles?

My name is Mary Viles.  I have been helping folks navigate their health insurance options since 2013.  Since the rollout of the Affordable Care Act my husband Josh and I have helped thousands of people apply for tax credits to help pay for insurance and pick and enroll in insurance plans.  I am an independent business person and am very passionate about helping folks with their health insurance in an honest and professional manner.  

Why Should You Schedule an Open Enrollment Consultation With Me?

  • There are three types of people you can talk to if you need assistance. There are the Marketplace representatives, navigators, and agents/brokers.  Representatives and navigators can help you with the application and enroll you in plans, but they are not allowed to give you recommendations or help you with questions and problems down the road.  As an agent I can. I am appointed with every company that offers individual insurance in Virginia and have an in depth understanding of their products.
  • Working with an agent does not raise your rates.  You pay the same amount monthly whether you use one or not.  Having my name attached as your broker allows me to assist you throughout the year if you have any issues with the Marketplace and the insurance companies.   
  • If you have found your way here you have probably had some kind of negative experience with insurance.  I can take a lot of confusion, frustration, and fear out of this process and give you educated and honest advice.  Sometimes all of your options stink. At the very least when you work with me you will walk away knowing that you have chosen the least stinky of options available in your situation.  The majority of my business comes from word of mouth referrals. I believe this is because my clients trust me and value the services I offer.  

What to expect during an Open Enrollment Consultation

  • I will start by asking you questions to determine what your options are.  This will include questions about your family size, your predicted household income, your current insurance, and whether you have access to coverage through an employer, spouse, or parent.
  • Next we will go through the Marketplace application to purchase insurance.  If applicable, this is where you also apply for a tax credit to help pay for your insurance.  If you’ve already applied before, we go through the old application and make sure everything is up to date.  I use my web broker platform to do this so you do not need to use or have a Marketplace account. We do everything on my computer.
  • After we submit the application, we review your eligibility results notice. I will point out any requirements they are asking of you and either help you upload any needed documentation or explain what you need to do to satisfy them.
  • Next we will pick and enroll you in a plan.   We will compare plans based on your budget, your medical needs, and networks.  We may run your doctors and drugs through the system at this point.  
  • Throughout the appointment I will explain everything in easy to understand terms.  If there is anything you need to do on your end after the appointment you will either leave with a written list or receive a followup email from me.  I also send you a confirmation email with detailed information about your plan. I am available throughout the year if you have any questions or issues.
  • You can do all of this on your own.  If you don’t think you need my service try using THIS link instead of  I have found it to be more user friendly and easier to navigate.  If you attempt to do it but get stuck or have simple questions that don’t need a whole official appointment please contact me!  I want to help you. 

I do receive a commission from many of the companies I work with.  The commission varies from company to company and the health insurance companies have been known to stop paying from one year to the next.  By charging a consulting fee I am able to earn a more stable income. I also sell life, home, auto, renters, and commercial insurance. I do not charge a fee for helping in these areas.  I work for myself but am appointed with a lot of companies. I can and want to shop around for you in these areas to find you savings and better products! Give us a call, or shoot us an email to start the process. Hope to talk to you soon.



Active Virginia Licenses-

  • Health Producer
  • Life & Annuities Producer
  • Property & Casualty Producer
  • Life and Health Consultant
  • Property and Casualty Consultant
  • FFM Certified Web Broker
  • Marketplace Circle of Champions (designates producers with enrollment expertise)

How to prepare for our appointment

To get the most out of our meeting please have the following information together

  • Names, dates of birth, and social security numbers for everyone applying for coverage.
  • MOST IMPORTANT!! Your household’s estimated income for 2022. Your household includes everyone you pay taxes with – even if not every person in the household is applying for coverage. HERE is a link with useful information on how to predict that income.

Estimating your income for 2022 may be difficult. Don’t stress – we will help you estimate and adjust throughout the year if needed. We just ask that you spend a few minutes before our appointment thinking about it and gathering anything that may help make the estimation – pay stubs, last year’s income info, etc

  • If your employer offers health coverage please have information about the plans they offer, the prices, as well as when you can enroll in them (your employer’s open enrollment period may be different than the Marketplace.)

  • Please have a list of any medicines you take, and/or doctors that you can not do without.

  • The plans on the Marketplace cover everything except dental and vision. You can buy standalone products for dental and vision any month of the year. Because of time constraints we will not be thoroughly discussing dental and vision products. HERE is a link to some information that may be useful in searching for these products. I’d be happy to set a dental appointment for after open enrollment.

  • We may email you things to look over, so it may be handy to have a computer or to be able to pull up things on your phone.

Talk to you soon!

Scope Of Services

Below are the services we provide to clients we’ve enrolled in a plan or have paid our an annual consulting fee. Services are provided throughout the policy year.

Initial Enrollment appointment

Our appointments are all about finding the best fit for you. Everyone’s situation is different. During our meeting we can help:

  • Estimate your income for the upcoming year.
  • Explain the benefits and consequences of your income estimation.
  • Determine the most cost effective arrangement of family members in one plan or multiple.
  • Help form a game plan for addressing specific medical needs.
  • Look up doctors and prescriptions to determine cost.
  • Enroll you in a plan.
  • Take your payment for the plan and possibly set up auto bill pay

All decisions related to your insurance choice are made by you and you assume the sole responsibility. We are here to help you make the best decision possible.

Answer any questions related to insurance

We are available to help with most anything insurance related. If you have simple or questions about your plan, big problems, or just want to talk something out we are quick to respond.  

We have seen and solved so many different problems that arise from dealing with doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies. We have better contacts with the insurance companies that allow us to solve complex problems a bit faster than calling the call center reps.

Denied Claims

If you get a denied claim from the insurance company, we will look it over for any inaccuracies and call the insurance company and/or the doctors office on your behalf to try to reduce your cost.

Submitting documents to

After we enroll you in a plan you may have to submit documents proving your income, citizenship or that you lost coverage.  Send these documents to us how ever it is convenient for you and we will upload them and email you to confirm its been done.   


If you get canceled through no fault of your own, we will help get you re-instated.

Tax credit taken away

If your tax credit gets taken away, we can help put it back, if possible, and submit any proof needs.

Employer Coverage

If you are moving to an employer based plan, we can analyze it and compare it to your other options.  90% of the time the employer plan is the best option.   We also help employers manage their benefits so we know the ins and outs of that world as well. 

Help finding an in-network doctor

We check if your doctors in network or help you find one that is.  Please call 911 in an emergency. Not us. If its an emergency goto the closest hospital.