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American Rescue Plan and the ACA

The American Rescue Plan (ARP) is changing a lot with the Affordable Care Act. See bullet points below or click here for a full rundown

– Increased tax credits for everyone. Even in higher income ranges. Around $90 cheaper for most people. Huge difference in higher incomes. Silver plan is capped at 8.5% of income.

– Anyone who received unemployment during 2021 will get a free silver plan

– If you are involuntarily fired and offered COBRA, govt. will pay 100% of it until September

– You don’t have to repay tax credit from 2020 if you made more than your estimate. IRS still working on process for those that already paid that back

Getting your extra tax credit

For those currently enrolled in a marketplace plan, if you do nothing you will get this extra tax credit when you do your 2021 taxes in 2022.

If you want the extra tax credit sooner we need to update your account. This is easy for me to do IF you don’t have any changes to your info or income.

Because I have to run through your whole app, If you do have changes now is a good time to update. If your changes are straightforward and you don’t want to talk anything out you can email me the changes if you’d like.

Most people with major changes to this info should make an appointment.

If you were not eligible for tax credits because you were above the income limit we should look at everything again. Click below to schedule an appointment or shoot me an email.

If you want a lower price starting May 1st and have no changes/updates:

Please send me an email with “Reduce my cost, no changes” as the subject and add your full name in the message.
I will send an email with your new price once completed.

New Clients please make a free phone appointment to get started.

If you have changes and/or want to set up an appointment to discuss anything:

President Biden has opened Marketplace enrollment February 15th through August 15th. During this time anyone can sign up or make changes to their plan.

About us

We are Independent Insurance Brokers working with all the major insurance companies in Virginia. For the past 8 years my wife and I have helped thousands of people understand how to best mitigate their financial risk. We specialize in all types of insurance and are happy to share our knowledge. Give us a call.

Heads up! Because of the pandemic, and homeschooling being our best option, we are not able to work as many hours as we used to. We think timely responses to questions and problems from clients is one of out strong suits, and we take that seriously. We tend to get back to clients that day or the next if were backed up. Thank you for your patience

Check out our scope of services to see the many ways we help our clients year round. As always, contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

See if you qualify for medicaid by clicking here.

How to prepare for our appointment

To get the most out of our meeting please have the following information together

  • Names, dates of birth, and social security numbers for everyone applying for coverage.

  • MOST IMPORTANT!! Your household’s estimated income for 2021. Your household includes everyone you pay taxes with – even if not every person in the household is applying for coverage. HERE is a link with useful information on how to predict that income.

Estimating your income for 2021 may be difficult. Don’t stress – we will help you estimate and adjust throughout the year if needed. We just ask that you spend a few minutes before our appointment thinking about it and gathering anything that may help make the estimation – pay stubs, last year’s income info, etc.

  • If your employer offers health coverage please have information about the plans they offer, the prices, as well as when you can enroll in them (your employer’s open enrollment period may be different than the Marketplace.)

  • Please have a list of any medicines you take, and/or doctors that you can not do without.

  • The plans on the Marketplace cover everything except dental and vision. You can buy standalone products for dental and vision any month of the year. Because of time constraints we will not be thoroughly discussing dental and vision products. HERE is a link to some information that may be useful in searching for these products. I’d be happy to set a dental appointment for after open enrollment.

  • We may email you things to look over, so it may be handy to have a computer or to be able to pull up things on your phone.

Talk to you soon!