Group Plans

For Small Businesses, Single Owners, and the Self Employed

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you’re not getting a tax credit and you are self employed or own a business the group market is where you should be. I routinely save people $200+ a month making this move. The benefits and networks are better than the individual market. Its pretty much a no brainer. The process is a bit more arduous but I can guide you through it. Heads up, I charge a consulting fee for these services. The Annual $120 fee covers you should any issues or questions arise throughout the year. You can read my consulting agreement here .

Click one of the buttons below to download a spreadsheet or PDF version of my favorite plans in central Virginia.

If you are looking to offer benefits to multiple employees you will want to click here to go to my Employee Benefits page. (Under Construction)

Navigating this spreadsheet

The 1st tab or page are plans I recommend with United. These plans have the Choice Plus Network.

UHC Choice Plus Network:

  • National network
  • No Referrals to see specialist
  • Out of network coverage
  • All Richmond Hospitals in network

The 2nd tab are cheaper plans with United because they use the Navigate or Choice network (no Plus) network.

UHC Navigate Network:

  • Small Local network
  • Referrals required to see specialist
  • No Bon Secours
  • No Out of network benefits

The bronze plan on this 2nd tab is the cheapest possible group plan in the Central Virginia region.  The last silver and gold plan on the second tab just get rid of the out of network coverage on the same plans from the first tab. Saving you 3-7% over the Choice Plus plans.

The 3rd tab are my favorite plans from Anthem.  Anthem is great. There are a few specific reasons I would prefer them, but these rates are slightly higher than the ones with united.

You can sign up for these group plans any month of the year.  Anthem wants all apps by the 15th of the month before the start date. And United gives us a little more time. They allow retro start dates with application submission 15 days after the start date.    So for Aug 1st effective date we have until Aug 15th with United. 

I would be more than happy to schedule a time to go over all of this and a bunch more with you. Get in touch.