Do I qualify for medicaid?

In 2019 Virginia finally expanded medicaid. Before that you had to be pregnant, a child, or house-less to qualify. Now a lot more people qualify for free healthcare.

You can apply for medicaid anytime. There are no open enrollment periods. If you think you qualify for medicaid you dont need to schedule an appointment with me for open enrollment.

This page is just a brief run down. All info can be found at

Income Limits

Virginia Medicaid looks at your Monthly income. As in this month and last month. So if your income situation just changed and you get denied initially you might qualify if you apply a month later.

For single tax filers, if you make less than $1469/month you most likely qualify. See the chart below if you file taxes with your partner or family.

Household Size Monthly Income Limit Yearly Income Limit

If your income is definitely below those limits you should first try to apply through This is the quickest and easiest way to get enrolled. I get 2 different results when going this route.

First one gets you medicaid cards in the mail in a week or two. If your Eligibility Results say:

If your Eligibility Results say:

You may need to provide more info. If you get this result I recommend you wait 1-2 weeks for mail from DMAS (Dept. of Medical Assistance Services) OR Cover Virginia, OR your local social services. If they dont send anything you should reach out to them to finalize your application. I have had clients just get cards in the mail with this result as well.

If you get anything else on your eligibility results you may want to apply directly with Cover Virginia if you think you qualify.

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As always, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or problems.


Josh Viles