Open Enrollment starts November 1st

This is the time that you should to update your info and choose a plan for 2021. You might get a letter from your insurance company that says you don’t need to do anything and they’ll auto renew your plan.  We highly recommend that you update your info and review the 2021 plan options because a lot is changing. 

You could owe back in taxes if you dont update your estimated income and the plan you auto renew into may be much more expensive than other similar options.

This is also the time anyone can sign up. After December 15th you can only sign up if you have a “Qualifying Life Event

We are offering a discounted rate if you schedule early.  $15 for a 30 minute enrollment appointment with an option to add more time if you think you need it.  That small fee gets you a years worth of help from us.  Check out our scope of services to see the many ways we help our clients year round. As always, contact us if you have any questions or concerns.