“Group” Health Insurance still better than individual market with no tax credit.

The group health insurance market is where you want be if you qualify.  It used to be that you needed at least one common law employee that wasn’t your spouse.  Since a law change in July of 2018 single owners and self employed people have access to this market.    

Compared to the individual market options WITHOUT a tax credit:

  • Plans are cheaper
  • Have better networks
  • Lower deductibles
  • Specialist copays
  • 4 different companies with 300+ options to choose from
  • I generally save people $40-$100/ month per person.

In order to qualify you must be self employed or the owner of a business.  As long as you have a previous years Schedule C (Profit and Loss for a business).

Q1 Richmond region plans  <–  Click here for benefits and rates for a few of my favorite plans.   Contact me to get set up.